By the time a couple initiates the divorce process, both parties understand that their relationship will undergo a permanent change that includes leaving each person free to start new romantic relationships. It may take time for everyone to adjust, but eventually, dating different people and seeing your former spouse enter a new relationship will seem natural. Unfortunately, problems can occur when one person decides to start dating other people before the divorce is legally finalized. While some couples experience no issues after starting a relationship while a divorce is ongoing, others have found themselves caught up in a personal, financial, and legal nightmare.  Understanding why dating during a divorce is not a good idea can help you or a loved one avoid making a costly mistake.

Upsets Children

A divorce that involves children requires extra attention, care, and patience. Depending on the age of the children, they may experience every emotion from hurt and guilt, to deep rage. Adding a new boyfriend or girlfriend into the equation often negatively affects the children and makes the entire situation more difficult for everyone involved. The last thing you need during a divorce is a child accusing you of infidelity, deception, or blaming you for causing his or her other parent emotional harm. Waiting until the divorce is finalized and the children have started to adjust to the new family dynamic may help you avoid these potential dating related problems.

May Cast You in a Negative Light

Almost everything we do creates some type of trail, making it easier for your spouse’s divorce attorney (or your spouse) to keep track of your activities. Even if you and your spouse previously discussed dating during the divorce, it is possible that an attorney or judge will not look favorably on your dating habits. Being placed in a situation that forces you to explain your dating habits or the existence of profiles on various dating sites could shift the focus from legitimate issues pertaining to your divorce settlement to your own personal conduct.

Could Make the Court Question Previous Claims

If a divorce becomes contentious, your spouse and his or her attorney will do everything in their power to make the court doubt any claims that you have made. Even if dating seems unrelated to custody or financial negotiations, an aggressive attorney can find a way to connect the two issues. Text messages, social media posts, or statements made by your children about expensive dinners, shopping trips, and taking off time from work to be with a new partner could be used to disprove claims of financial difficulties or time spent caring for children.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve in Georgia

A person who has dated during their divorce and now fears repercussions should contact a family law attorney at the earliest opportunity. An understanding attorney is able to review your situation and help you decide how best to proceed with your divorce and support requests.  The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum know how confusing a divorce can be, and we work with our clients to make sure they are never left in the dark. Contact one of our Atlanta area offices today to schedule a consultation so that we can begin providing you with the assistance you need.