While it was once common, today few people wear suits and ties on a weekly or monthly basis. Instead, many people in Georgia feel comfortable in jeans, shorts, or t-shirts. As a result, Georgia’s family law courts feel like a foreign place to many people. To make the family law court process easier, there are some important pieces of advice that you should always remember to follow:

Wear the Proper Clothing

Under no circumstances, should anyone who has a case in Georgia family law court wear hats, hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, sandals, or sneakers. You also should not have any visible piercings or tattoos. Men should wear blazers, ties, dress pants, and dress shoes. Women should wear reasonable length dresses or pants, conservative blouses, and medium height shoes.

Personal Hygiene

Men and women who attend court should make sure that their personal hygiene is excellent, which means clean hair, skin, and fingernails. This helps communicate the message to the family law judge that you are serious about the court’s power and the decision that is being made.

Turn Off Digital Devices and Avoid Other Noises

Every time that you are in the courtroom, you should make sure that all of your digital devices are completely turned off so that they do not make any noise. Judges observe everything that happens in the courtroom closely and there is a risk that your judge might become seriously offended if you make any unexpected or interrupting noises. In addition, you should avoid bringing children to court unless the judge specifically requests that you do so.

Use Your Manners

You should always be polite and courteous in court to all involved parties including attorneys, bailiffs, and judges. If you interrupt someone, you should make sure to apologize. If an objection is made while you are testifying, you should make sure to stop talking until the judge grants you permission to continue speaking. Also, under no circumstances, should you attempt to lie or argue with the judge, your former spouse, or your former spouse’s lawyers.

Use the Proper Attitude

It is important to remain concise, pleasant, and realistic while navigating Georgia’s family law court. You should always remain willing to step back no matter how emotional things might get. You also should avoid asking for too much because there is a chance that you will end up with nothing. Fortunately, a knowledgeable lawyer can help make certain that your requests are reasonable.

Hire a Skilled Family Law Attorney in Alpharetta

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