The average person does not truly expect to end up involved in any type of lengthy legal proceedings. Even individuals who invest in prenuptial agreements or other contracts designed to keep a person out of court are often unprepared for the reality of being served with a court order.  After litigation begins, it is natural for a person to want to discuss court hearings, legal plans, and other decisions with those close to them. Unfortunately, the more details you share about your current or pending litigation, the greater risk there is of encountering additional problems as a result of your indiscretion. Keeping your legal plans private can help you in many ways making silence something that you should seriously consider.

Avoids Accidental Information Leaks

An attorney who knows his or her way around family court can potentially exploit even a seemingly minor piece of information. Keeping any legal plans that you have discussed with your attorney strictly between you and your legal representative prevents a situation in which information is accidentally leaked to your former spouse, partner, or mutual friends. Something as simple as discussing an appointment to drop off documents at your lawyer’s office can give the other party valuable insight into what you or your lawyer have planned.

Protects Your Privacy

While you may not be concerned about certain basic information about your relationship getting out there, there might be some aspects of your case that you want to keep private. Limiting your discussion about your legal proceedings increases your chances of being able to successfully protect sensitive details that you and your family do not want to disclose. Being overly vocal about your legal situation could lead to people finding out about infidelity, financial issues, mental health treatment, and claims involving your children or other relatives.

Makes Mediation More Successful

During a divorce, custody disputes, or disagreements over mutual assets there are times when mediation is the only way for all parties to come to any type of meaningful agreement. Often a mediator is able to work together with the couple and their attorneys to come up with a solution that is mutually beneficial. Not only is this method often more affordable than prolonged litigation, it also gives both parties a chance to maintain their privacy. If rumors or arguments have occurred because of one or both party discussing their plans with other, the couple could find themselves in court having a judge making the final decision for both parties while the public watches and documents the entire hearing.

Discuss Your Concerns

If you are worried about your hearing or case becoming a matter of public knowledge talking to an experienced family law attorney can help. An attorney is able to address your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with legal advice that helps your current situation without creating legal repercussions that you might not have considered. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum realize that each case is unique and we are prepared to provide you with advice that takes your situation into account. Contact us today and schedule a private consultation at one of our four Atlanta area locations.