Communication is one of the most important parts of any family law case. Resolving a dispute over property divisions, custody, or support payments usually happens once all parties are able to talk and come to an agreement that is beneficial to everyone. Unfortunately, in certain scenarios, talking to the other party is not in your best interests. When you find yourself in a situation where talking to a former partner or relative will harm your case, it becomes vital that your lawyer communicates on your behalf. Understanding why you should let your attorney communicate in your place may make it easier for you to step back.

Emotional Attachments

No matter how badly a relationship has deteriorated, there is no way to completely forget or ignore years of emotional attachment. Strong attachment makes it difficult for some spouses to walk away from a bad relationship, speak against a parent, or complete seemingly simple tasks to get out of an emotionally or financially draining relationship. This attachment may affect how you communicate with your former partner or relatives making it difficult to express your emotions or even defend yourself. An attorney does not have the same emotional ties, making it easier for him or her to communicate on your behalf without the same restraint that you probably experience.


It is human nature to be biased on your own behalf or on behalf of other family members. For this reason, you may not recognize that your child is disrupting custody negotiations or not believe your former partner about his or her finances. While an attorney is going to represent you to the best of his or her ability, your attorney’s judgment will not be clouded by bias. He or she will listen to the facts presented by you and the information received from the other party. The decision your attorney makes will be based on the information acquired along with what he or she feels would be best for you.


A divorce is one of the most expensive legal processes that the average person is involved in over the course of his or her life. Few adults go through more than three divorces in their lifetime, and while those divorces may give them more experience than the average adult, that does not give them the same expertise that an attorney will have. A family law attorney helps hundreds of clients over the course of his or her career in a variety of different circumstances.  An attorney’s experience and knowledge of the law make it easier for him or her to communicate with your spouse or other family member using facts and laws to support his or her stance.

Vayman & Teitelbaum

The idea of allowing another person to act on your behalf is daunting, but ultimately it can protect your case and your own personal health. Relying on an experienced attorney removes a great deal of stress from you and ensures that your case is handled correctly. The law firm of Vayman & Teitelbaum understands how difficult it is to let anyone, even a professional, take control of any aspect of your life. We work hard to keep you involved in each stage of your case while removing the tedium of back and forth negotiations from your schedule. If you are ready to get the legal representation you deserve, contact us today and schedule a consultation at one of our four Atlanta locations.