Georgia residents who are going through divorce and are able to establish certain elements of their relationship may ask the court to award them alimony prior to their divorce being finalized. Depending on your circumstances, a judge could order your spouse to pay temporary alimony while your divorce is pending. The funds you receive are meant to help you maintain your household and standard of living if you are unable to support yourself. After the divorce is finalized the court may decide to extend the alimony payment period to enable you to establish yourself financially. Focusing on making the most out of your temporary alimony award can increase your chances of achieving long term financial stability as a single person.

Obtain Employment

One spouse who worked part-time or was a stay-at-home parent may receive temporary alimony until he or she is able to earn enough to support him or herself. The funds may be paid monthly for a predetermined period of time or in one lump sum at the time of the divorce’s finalization.  Finding employment as soon as possible helps you avoid the potential disaster of having your alimony payments end (or lump sum run out) prior to discovering a way to support yourself.   Starting a job search, contacting temp agencies, and reaching out to recruiters immediately increases your chances of obtaining employment before your primary means of financial support, alimony payments, is terminated.

Return to School

It is not unusual for a person to leave college or technical school because he or she gets married and starts a family. Once he or she is divorced, however, completing that higher education often takes on a new sense of urgency. Obtaining a certification or degree increases a person’s employment opportunities and earning potential. While financial support is secure, consider returning to school since completing courses may grow more difficult once you are solely responsible for providing for yourself and your family.

Get Your Finances in Order

Perhaps the most important thing that a person receiving temporary alimony should do is spend time getting his or her finances in order. During and after a divorce, finances are often stretched to the breaking point or in shambles because the primary income earner has moved to a new household. While at least part of your finances are taken care of by temporary alimony, spend time establishing a budget and planning for the day that your alimony payments cease. Waiting until you are in a dire situation to begin attempting to sort out your finances is dangerous and may lead to additional financial problems.

Contacting an Attorney

If you are confused about your temporary alimony award, or believe you should seek temporary alimony while your divorce is pending, a qualified attorney can answer your questions. An alimony attorney who is familiar with Georgia law is the best person to review your situation, go over your finances along with the income of your spouse, and determine what choice is best for you. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand how expensive and stressful a divorce can become. We are able to help you explore alimony options, so contact us today and schedule a consultation at one of our four Atlanta metro area locations.