When a couple is able to agree on all major details related to the dissolution of their marriage, their divorce is uncontested and typically concludes in a few months. However, if a couple is not able to agree about the custody of minor children, division of property, or other major issues, the divorce becomes contested. In the state of Georgia, a contested divorce can take anywhere from a few months to multiple years. Utilizing mediation is one way to expedite the divorce process without risking further damage to a relationship. Many people are reluctant to try the method, but once they understand how mediation can help, many couples take advantage of the chance to save money while concluding their divorce.

Mediators Keep Discussions Productive

During a bitter divorce, it is not unusual for a couple to want absolutely nothing to do with each other. The thought of being in the same room with an ex is enough to make a person refuse to participate in mediation. People often believe that mediation will force them to talk about their problems or feelings in a setting similar to marriage counseling. In reality, a mediator is only interested in resolving the issues that are delaying the conclusion of the divorce. Mediators do not attempt to provide emotional counseling and instead keep discussions focused, productive, and prevent the conversation from degenerating into arguments.

Prevents Court Battles

Years of watching court dramas and reading books with suspenseful court scenes create unrealistic expectations about the way a divorce, property battle, or custody battle is supposed to be handled. Often couples going through a divorce believe their best chance to get the settlement they want is arguing in court. While a battle may allow you to show how passionate you are, it risks having your children placed in the middle and can encourage the judge to make a decision for you. If the judge hearing your case does not believe you and your spouse are capable of making decisions,  he or she may decide major custody issues or property disputes in a manner that is not acceptable to either party.

Maintains Privacy

Legal proceedings are extremely public and can open your family up to a level of scrutiny that no one is comfortable with. Choosing mediation gives you and your spouse a way to maintain a level of privacy that is valuable to both adults and children of the marriage.  The mediators are trained to be discreet, neutral, and focus on helping you and your spouse come to an agreement without revealing any personal information to the general public.  If your divorce involves any situations such as adultery or illegal activity, mediation is a way to keep those details out of the public eye.

Contacting an Attorney

Even if you and your spouse believe mediation is the best way to help come to an agreement, an attorney is still necessary. A divorce attorney is able to review your needs, verify that your divorce is a good candidate for mediation, and protect your interests. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are prepared to help you locate an experienced mediator and ensure that the settlement you reach is fair. Contact our offices located throughout the Atlanta metro area to schedule a consultation.