Throughout the past decade, the Internet and the rise of social media has changed the way we document our lives. Today the average person posts detailed information about their activities, purchases, and habits to an audience of millions at least once per day. The new ways that we all record and distribute information has affected all aspects of life including legal disputes. In recent years, civil attorneys have successfully introduced information discovered through the use of social media to their active divorce cases. As laws change to keep up with constantly evolving technology, the divorce attorneys at Vayman and Teitelbaum work with you to make sure social media does not destroy your divorce settlement.

Stay Private

Keeping information private is one of the most important aspects of negotiating an attractive divorce settlement. The attorney representing you should be the only person conveying information regarding your life to the counsel your former spouse has chosen. If you are using social media, make sure your profile is private and verify that information you share remains private. It is in your best interest to keep casual browsers from going through your posts, pictures, and account in general.

Screen Friend Requests

During the divorce, after you have changed your account settings, it is not unusual to begin receiving friend requests from people you do not know. While all social media users receive unsolicited friends requests, it is important to avoid giving in to idle curiosity. Friends of your former spouse may attempt to befriend you in order to obtain information that will later be used against you. Reject friend requests from people you do not know or only give them access to limited information about you. Unfortunately, even friends requests sent by mutual children could become problematic if the child shares a computer with your former spouse.

Discuss Potential Problems with Your Attorney

No matter how careful or cautious a person is, mistakes still happen. Either you or a family member may accidently post pictures of a shopping spree, a date, or other information that could negatively impact your ability to get a fair and desirable divorce settlement. If you believe that something seen on social media could hurt your chances of getting a settlement, be honest with your attorney. It is better to have them forewarned rather than have them find out from the attorney of your former spouse.

Consult an Attorney

No matter how organized or prepared you are, it is possible to overlook important details once a divorce is finalized. Forgetting minor details can make your transition unnecessarily complicated and may even cause hardships. It is always a good idea to consult a qualified divorce attorney to get answers to any lingering questions. The law office of Vayman and Teitlebaum is available to help you when needed, with four offices located throughout the Atlanta area. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule an appointment.