After you file for divorce or make your intention to file known, expect to receive a great deal of advice from multiple sources. Some of these sources are well informed, all of these sources are eager to provide answers to your questions, but not every source will have your best interest in mind. Once you start navigating the various family court aspects of divorce, custody, and support payments, knowing who you should not listen to during a divorce may help you avoid falling into the pitfalls caused by well meaning but bad advice.


Once the news breaks, every friend in your circle is going to be eager to offer advice and support. The advice they offer can be as innocuous as giving you the name of an attorney or as dangerous as advising you to hide assets. Regardless, keep in mind that the advice your friends give you is largely biased in your favor and not always based on any first-hand experience or knowledge. Even when your friends give advice based on their own divorces, it is important to remember that divorces are complex and not all situations are the same. What worked for your friends may not work for you and, depending on how long ago they got divorced, laws could have changed or they could be misremembering key details.

The Internet

Today the internet plays a large role in every type of legal case imaginable. The outcomes of trials or settlements concerning major cases are broadcasted almost immediately after a ruling is made and there are numerous resources on the internet dedicated to providing legal advice.  While legal blogs, websites, and other sources can provide you with access to valuable supplemental information, treating the internet as a substitute for an attorney is dangerous. It is easy to misinterpret information that is presented and depending on the source, you could end up using data that is no longer accurate or relevant to make major divorce related choices.

Your Spouse’s Attorney

Ignoring your spouse’s attorney may seem like common sense, but an attorney focused on your spouse’s best interest can convince you to listen to his or her advice with alarming ease. The thought of settling your case quickly tempts many into signing agreements without obtaining their own independent counsel. Never base your decisions on the information that is provided by your spouse’s attorney or an attorney that your spouse found on his or her own without your involvement. Doing so could rob you of your legal rights and the marital property or support to which you are entitled.

Contact a Qualified Lawyer

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