The divorce process is full of complex emotions including anger, sadness, and stress. Most parents who navigate divorce are also concerned about their children’s well-being. Even the most peaceful divorces still have the potential to substantially disrupt a child’s life. The most argumentative and contentious divorces can cause substantial emotional unrest in children. In either situation, the assistance of a therapist who is trained to help children of divorce can be a great benefit to the entire family.  

It can be difficult to determine whether a child would benefit from a therapist’s assistance, however. The following will consider some of the signs of emotional distress in children and when it might be appropriate to seek professional help. 

Increased Aggression

Children who are navigating the divorce of parents experience a number of overwhelming feelings. While some children try to hide these emotions, others want to discuss them or act them out in a harmful manner. It is common for even the best behaved of children to begin experiencing waves of anger and to act disobediently during this time. One of the best ways to respond during this time is to acknowledge your children’s feelings. Validation can mean a great deal to children trying to cope with difficult emotions.


Some children who are weathering the divorce of their parents begin to regress and display patterns that do not match their age. For example, a child who has learned to pee in the toilet might suddenly start wetting the bed again. This regression is usually the result of the child experiencing stressful and traumatic emotions. 

Difficulty With Separation

It is common for children of divorce to begin experiencing separation anxiety. These negative emotions can pop up when the child interacts with either parent or is in unfamiliar surroundings. By maintaining the same routine and speaking to your child in a reassuring manner, you can greatly decrease how hard separation is for your child.

How to Reassure Your Child

Some parents are not exactly sure how to reassure their children during the divorce process. One important thing to remind your child during this difficult time is that adults often fall out of love with one another but that this does not mean that either parent will stop loving the child. It is important that the child knows that the bond he or she shares with both parents is not capable of being broken. 

Parents should also strive to be honest about the divorce and to avoid making promises that they cannot possibly keep. While it might be temporarily disappointing for them, it will mean much more in the long run to your children right now if you simply tell the truth. 

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