One of the major downsides of any divorce involving children is that the parenting time of both spouses is reduced. Parents go from seeing their children each day to seeing them based on a set schedule signed off on by the court. Even the parent who receives primary custody can expect to be deprived of some time with the children when the noncustodial parent exercises visitation rights. Managing limited parenting time is stressful, but there are ways to manage it without becoming overwhelmed.

Get Help With Household Tasks

Parents who share parenting time equally find themselves spending more time preparing to get their child or take them to the other parent than they do bonding. The time that is spent together often ends up being wasted on household chores and other menial tasks. One way to increase the amount of actual time you spend with your child is by getting help with certain household tasks.  Taking your laundry to a dry cleaner or using a cleaning service can help you focus on your child instead of trying to get house work done during the time you have to spend with your child.

Use Grocery Pick Up and Delivery Services

The average person spends almost two hours per week grocery shopping not counting quick trips made to convenience stores for small, often forgotten, household items. Most people shop on the weekend, and if you are a parent who only sees your child on weekends, this could be a problem.  Instead of wasting parenting time fighting crowds at your local supermarket, try to use a food delivery service or one that lets you quickly pick up your groceries. Most major chains offer one or both services allowing shoppers to save a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent walking through aisles in the grocery store.

Find Ways to Assist With Your Child’s Activities

If your child participates in sports, clubs, or has special needs that require tutoring, find ways to assist so that you can be involved in the things that are important to your child.  Volunteering to help during sports games, at dances, or offering to go on trips with your child’s clubs gives you an additional opportunity to spend time with that child. Talk to the person in charge of the sport or activity to find out if volunteers or parent assistants are needed.

Review the Schedule

As your children grow older, it is possible that your existing parenting plan will no longer work and in some cases your former spouse may not be able or willing to adhere to it. If you believe your efforts to make the most out of your parenting time are failing and feel changes should be made, a child custody and visitation attorney at Vayman & Teitelbaum can help. Our lawyers are here to discuss your needs and help you come up with a schedule that works for all parties.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation at one of our Atlanta, Georgia area offices so that we can provide you with the legal assistance you require.