Gray divorce occurs when one or both splitting spouses are over the age of 50, or the marriage has lasted for at least 20 years. It may be surprising to some that these types of divorces are currently on the rise. Here are some common reasons for gray divorce:

Divorce Seems to Reoccur

U.S. statistics have shown that 50% of first marriages, 67% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. People may enter a second marriage on the rebound and often do not give themselves time to heal and get their lives in order. In these instances, people are liable to repeat their mistakes and make themselves more susceptible to further divorces.

Postpone Divorces

Couples with children sometimes decide to postpone the divorce until after the children have left for college or are grown up. Either one or both parties are unhappy in the marriage, but they decide to stay together because they believe that is the best decision for the family.  

Empty Nesters

An empty nest occurs when the children have grown up and left the family home. Without the family to care for, the couple is left to focus more on the marriage instead of the many responsibilities that come along with having others in the home. Often times the marriage is not strong enough to survive this scrutiny, or the couple may realize that without the children, they no longer have much in common.


Retirement is a major life event, whether one spouse is retiring or both. The everyday schedule will change, finances will change, and people may change, as well. Some couples may find that this added time together is no longer enjoyable. Sometimes the stress of changed finances are too difficult. Perhaps in retirement one partner may want a different kind of life. If the couple is no longer compatible or cannot survive these changes, then a divorce is likely.

Financially Stable

Divorce can be an expensive process. Often a couple must save up enough money in order to be able to afford a divorce. If there are other expenses, such as children, education, or medical needs, the expense of a divorce may take the back seat until these other necessities can be paid for.

General Dissatisfaction

Lastly, the divorce may not even be due to specific characteristics unique to older age or many years together as a couple. It may be that the couple simply grew apart or are no longer happy together. In these cases, Georgia law allows for a no-fault divorce.

If these are concerns for you and you are contemplating divorce, please contact the experienced attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum. Our team is well-versed in divorces involving all generations and the specific needs of each. We will work with you to address all of your concerns and ensure a smooth transition into your new life.