In some situations, divorced parents in Georgia need to request a child custody modification. Courts will only grant these requests if it is determined that doing so in the best interest of the child involved. If it is determined that granting this order will help to remove a child from immediate harm, courts are even more likely to grant an order. Because the laws surrounding custody change are very complicated and the stakes are often very high, it helps to both obtain the assistance of a skilled family law attorney in these situations as soon as possible. It is also helpful to understand some of the important details about how custody modifications work.

The Methods of Modifying Child Custody Orders in Georgia

There are two ways to modify child custody orders in Georgia. Either a person must prove to a court of law that a substantial change of circumstance has occurred or establish before a court of law that the modification is in the best interests of a child. In many situations, custody orders will be decided at the same hearing as child support orders.

What These Standards Mean

There is no strict definition of what constitutes a substantial change of circumstance. Instead, this can include a variety of things. Deciding what is in the best interest of a child is also a complicated decision that requires a judge to analyze numerous factors. Some things a judge will analyze to determine the best interest of a child include which parent can best care for the child, which parent has the closest relationship to the child, and which parent can better provide for the child’s needs. Fortunately, a skilled family law attorney can assess your situation to determine whether a substantial change in circumstance has occurred or if a decision is in the best interest of a child. It is also important to understand that judges often make decision in accordance with the perspective that children benefit from maintaining contact with both parents.

Making Custody Plans on Your Own

In some situations, parents might come up with an arrangement that is different from the court’s order. In these situations, it is important to remember that only a court has the power to create or change custody decisions. Judges, however, prefer for couples to reach their own agreements. As a result, a judge will be required to review your parenting plan in these situations to make sure that it is in the child’s best interest. To convince a judge to change a custody order, it is often a wise idea to obtain the services of a seasoned lawyer who can increase the chances that your custody plan is accepted.

Speak with a Skilled Family Law Attorney

If you are considering making a custody modification, obtain the assistance of a skilled family law attorney who understands how to best navigate these matters. At Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C., we have helped many people navigate a variety of family law cases. Contact our law office today to schedule an initial free consultation.