The decision to get a divorce is not one that couples make without a great deal of forethought.  The average divorce is expensive, time consuming, and stressful. When a couple does initiate the divorce process, it is not unusual for them to reach a point at which they are unable to come to an agreement on certain things like child custody or property ownership. Once spouses find themselves unable to agree on vital parts of their divorce, it is time to consider mediation. The mediation process is one of the best ways for a couple to save money, reduce the total time needed to finalize their divorce, and avoid further damage to their relationship.

Perfect for Adults Who Agree on Most Major Issues

Mediation is one of the best options for adults who agree on most major issues pertaining to their divorce. A contested divorce is necessary even if a couple only disagrees on a single issue, and the average contested divorce takes several months or years to conclude. Mediation gives couples who only need to work out one or two things a way to calmly discuss the issues and come to an agreement. It will help them avoid hard feelings after the divorce that are caused by long drawn out negotiations involving minor issues.

Helpful if a Faster Divorce is Desired

Couples who have decided to end their marriage usually want the legal process associated with finalizing the dissolution of their marriage to end as quickly as possible. Mediation is one way to speed up the divorce process since it gives couples a chance to discuss their positions and receive feedback from a neutral third party. An appointment with a mediator is easier to arrange than a court hearing with a judge, and the process of mediation is often less stressful. Once mediation is completed, a couple is able to present a divorce agreement that they are both happy with to the court in order to receive their final divorce decree faster than they would have received it had a legal battle ensued.

Money is an Issue

One of the most stressful parts of any divorce is the money that is required. Adults who are trying to obtain a divorce must pay for an attorney, court filing fees, and all of the expenses associated with managing a single adult household after previously having financial help from his or her spouse. The longer a divorce process takes, the more expensive the divorce becomes.  Adults who cannot afford to costs associated with a long divorce process benefit from going to mediation together.

Contact an Attorney Who Can Help

Getting divorced is difficult if you do not have the help of an attorney who has successfully assisted divorcing couples in the past. A qualified attorney is able to let you know if mediation is a good option to consider in your unique situation. The divorce attorneys at Vayman & Tietelbaum are able to guide you through every part of your divorce while helping you make the be best decisions for yourself and your family. Contact our conveniently located offices today at 678-736-7700 to schedule an appointment.