When someone is unable to make sound decisions about their finances, health care, or both, it may be time to appoint a guardian. Guardianships in Georgia may be established for a minor child or for an adult who is in cognitive decline or otherwise unable to advocate for themselves. If you and your family are facing a situation where guardianship may be necessary, we understand that it’s an emotional time.

A Lawrenceville guardianship lawyer from Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C., can explain your options for partial or full guardianship under Georgia law. We work with your family to achieve the best solution for your loved one and handle all legal aspects of the petition. Call us today for more information.

What Is A Lawrenceville Guardianship Lawyer?

A guardianship lawyer helps families establish guardianship for a minor or an adult who cannot make sound decisions regarding their finances or medical care. Guardianships in Georgia may be either partial, giving one person decision-making authority over another person’s health care or assets, or full, with authority over both. A guardianship may be necessary for a minor child when other parents are deceased or for an older adult who may suffer from cognitive decline or another mental condition that prevents them from making sound decisions.

Undertaking a guardianship isn’t easy. Petitioning family members must establish that the potential ward cannot advocate for themselves, which may involve a medical exam or other documentation. There may be other legal requirements that you need to meet before a Georgia family law judge will grant the guardianship. We can help you learn more about these and explore options other than a guardianship if you prefer.

Protecting A Loved One Who Cannot Protect Themselves

Guardianships limit the ward’s rights and agency, so Georgia courts don’t approve them lightly. You may need to build a case establishing the extent of your loved one’s incapacity and showing that guardianship is required. A Lawrenceville guardianship attorney can explain the legal process and draft and file all the required paperwork for your petition.

Once your petition is submitted, you will have to attend a court hearing to present your case and have a judge evaluate it. We represent you in court, too, and present your case according to Georgia family law rules. As your lawyer, we also must advise you of your fiduciary and other responsibilities as a guardian. This includes the required annual reporting to the courts and other requirements to ensure that you can handle the weighty responsibilities of guardianship.

Do You Need A Guardianship Attorney?

Do you believe that a guardianship is the appropriate step to protect your loved one? At Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C., we work with Georgia families just like yours every day. We know that you have questions about what a guardianship entails and your responsibilities as a guardian, and we’re here to provide personalized advice for your situation. Call us today for a free consultation.