A conservatorship assigns one person the legal decision-making authority over another person. Conservatorships may be necessary if someone is infirm, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to make sound decisions for their own best interests. If you have a loved one who struggles with mental illness, addiction, or self-harm or is experiencing cognitive decline, you may worry about their ability to live independently or make the right choices for healthcare.

A conservatorship may be financial, permitting you to make fiscal decisions about your ward’s money or property, or health care, making decisions about their medical treatment, or both. An Alpharetta, GA, conservatorship lawyer from Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C., can explain how conservatorships in Georgia work and what options you have to protect your loved one. Contact us today for a consultation with a compassionate lawyer.

What Does An Alpharetta, GA, Conservatorship Lawyer Do?

A conservatorship significantly limits the agency and rights of the ward (the person for whom a conservatorship is established). Georgia family law judges look critically at petitions for conservatorship, determining the extent of the potential ward’s infirmity and their capability for making sound decisions.

Some conservatorships are limited, focusing only on the healthcare or fiscal needs of the ward, while others are full, giving the conservator authority over many areas of the ward’s life. The conservator has a fiduciary duty to the ward, and he or she must act in the ward’s best interests when making decisions or managing their finances. It’s not something to take lightly, and many families question whether it’s time to appoint a conservator for someone they love.

Legal Protections For Those Who Cannot Advocate For Themselves

Our lawyers provide personalized advice for your unique situation and suggest other options that may be a better fit. We help you understand the requirements for a conservator and the threshold for determining whether your loved one is incapacitated to the point where they may be unable to make the best decisions for themselves.

As your Alpharetta conservatorship attorney, we help you comply with the requirements for a conservatorship petition, including the necessary medical evaluation of the ward. There may be multiple court appearances between filing the initial petition and its approval by a judge, and we represent you at each one. We can also work with your ward’s attorney ad litem to determine the least restrictive option for a conservatorship.

Do You Need To Help Establishing A Conservatorship?

Suppose you’re worried about a family member who may not be able to make good decisions for themselves, or you’re worried that they may be taken advantage of by someone unscrupulous. In that case, conservatorship may be the best way to protect your loved one. As their conservator, you can advocate for their interests and ensure the best financial or medical decisions are made for them. We can help you and your family through this difficult time, evaluating your options and giving personalized advice about what a Georgia conservatorship entails. Call Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C., today for a case evaluation.